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Municipal Prosecutor and Former Public Defender Mia McPherson Runs for Circuit Court Judge

Mia McPherson

Mia McPherson, who has been serving Illinois communities for over 23 years, announces that she is running for 18th Judicial Circuit Court Judge in DuPage County. Mia has developed a comprehensive understanding of a multitude of legal matters during her varied and extensive career, and she is incredibly well-respected among her clients, fellow lawyers, law enforcement, courthouse personnel, and others involved in the legal landscape of DuPage County.

Mia McPherson boasts an extensive career as an attorney and public servant. Her background as a prosecutor and public defender provides her with a breadth of legal knowledge. Licensed to practice in the state of Illinois since 1998, Mia began her legal career as an assistant public defender in the DuPage County Public Defender’s office. In addition, Mia has prosecuted multiple types of municipal cases for a number of cities and villages in DuPage County and opened her own solo practice in 2009.

The Law Offices of Mia S. McPherson, P.C. offer knowledgeable and strategic legal guidance in criminal defense and family law cases. Mia is a fierce advocate for her clients, and her well-rounded legal experience enables her to expertly serve them and protect their rights. She offers compassionate representation and skilled negotiation while navigating her family law clients through matters such as property division, child support, and parenting time.

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During her career, she has built relationships with defense attorneys, prosecutors, judges, law enforcement officials, and administrative and courtroom personnel in multiple communities throughout DuPage County. She has received endorsements from public figures, members of legal organizations, and others who believe that she will advance the cause of justice as a Circuit Judge.

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